My maternal family name, Felice, means “happy” and perfectly describes the passion and joy I feel for my work. This happiness motivates me to create unique and compelling pieces for my clients.

I have over a decade of in-house and freelance design experience in a variety of applications and industries, though I tend to focus on niche markets that often have difficulties building their brand. Meeting these artistic challenges have taught me how to effectively communicate an idea across multiple platforms and perspectives through creative avenues.


Felice Media provides thoughtful design curated to fit your business’ personality.

I work to understand you – your industry, your business, your goals, and your problems – so that I can create the best strategic plan for your brand.

I value long-term, ongoing relationships with my clients. You can count on me to support your goals as you grow.

I ask questions.

I’m creative.

I look beyond the project scope to ensure the deliverables fit into your overall identity.


Understand your needs

Each project begins with a design consultation so I can become familiar with your brand and learn what you hope to achieve together.

Establish a plan

Once we determine your budget, timeframe, and overall goals, I’ll provide you with a project scope.  This defines the deliverables, price, and estimated timeline.

Execute the design

Most projects are completed in phases so you can review and approve work as we go. This allows us to incorporate your feedback without incurring extra costs or missing deadlines.

Results and feedback

At the end of each project, I’ll ask for feedback from you or your team to ensure you’re satisfied and improve future projects together.