Felice Media is a custom graphic design, SEO, and content marketing brand owned by Bri Ziganti. Felice Media is based in Cleveland, Ohio, but accepts clients from around the world. As a designer, Bri has worked with CEO's, small business owners, non-profits, and individuals looking for a better way to communicate and develop their brand.




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I offer various creative services to cover the vast majority of your design or marketing needs.  Are you an engaged couple looking to commission unique wedding invitations?  A small business owner in need of a logo?  A company with no time to spend on social media?  Whether you’re an individual with a one-time project or a business wanting to establish a longterm relationship, I can design the collateral or full-scale marketing campaign that fits your needs.

creative copy and content from felice media

intelligent, engaging wordplay and design

Creative Content Development

How do you entice potential customers to view your website or pull off the road into your store?  The average consumer is bombarded with anywhere from 300-700 marketing messages per day.  If you’re not pushing out meaningful, eye-catching content, you’ll be missing out on the majority of that visitor traffic.  Let me show you how engaging content combined with a smart strategy can make all the difference.

Graphic Design

Building your brand requires cohesive elements that don’t just capture who you are, but tell a consumer why they should identify themselves with you.  Great branding builds the “face” of your company and resonate with your customers on a deep level.  Graphic design is the creative vehicle that develops this bond.  I offer a wide variety of visual collateral, from printed media like brochure layouts or full page ads to digital illustrations, so you can connect with your target audience.

graphic design and vector artwork from felice media

beautiful, cohesive vector elements

custom cms web design by felice media

responsive, modern websites for beautiful function

CMS Web Design

Without a web presence, most businesses won’t reach their growth potential.  In fact, smaller businesses lacking an established customer base depend on their website to draw in a much larger potential clientele than they could ever accomplish by word-of-mouth or placing an ad.  And younger consumers won’t even waste time trying a new product or company if they can’t research them ahead of time.  With a well-designed, informative site, your company can build credibility and tap into a global audience with far less expense and effort than the traditional marketing techniques of the past.

Custom projects

Have a weird design need that doesn’t fit into what I’ve listed here?  Not sure if your idea is even possible?  Tell me about your project and we can discuss a battle plan!

custom design requests by felice media

The strange and wonderful rabbit hole of design


Having a creative professional in your corner comes with some (not so) surprising benefits.


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