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Neonatal Intensive Care Clinical Ad

//Neonatal Intensive Care Clinical Ad
Project Details

Neonatal Intensive Care Clinical Ad


Client: SafeBaby

Date: March 2016


Project Description

This clinical ad was featured on page 10 of the Spring 2016 issue of the Neonatal Intensive Care Journal of Perinatology-Neonatology.  Since ad space is at a premium, my client needed their quarter-page ad to deliver the same visual punch as a full-page ad.  It can be a challenge to fit all the necessary information in a tiny area without effecting readability, so I made sure to use the color scheme to provide contrast, grab attention, and direct the eye around the page.  Knowing the difference between squishing elements into any available space and crafting them to fit aesthetically is an everyday challenge any graphic artist faces, which is why a good understanding of kerning, color harmony, and whitespace is imperative for effective print design.  I’ve developed quite a few clinical ads over the years, but this continues to remain one of my favorites as it really demonstrates how even a tiny ad can have a big impact.

safebaby neonatal intensive care 2016 by bri ziganti of felice media