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Intrinsically Safe Web Design, Identity, and Content Development

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Project Details

Intrinsically Safe Web Design and Content

Client: Paragon

Date: November 2015

Project Description

The website showcases various intrinsically safe products and solutions that provide reporting, communication, and documentation capabilities in hazardous environments, focusing especially on intrinsically safe hardware as well as GHS compliant inks, printers, and labels.  I was hired to code the site, create all artwork and diagrams, and most importantly, develop all site content.  I needed to develop a brand that meshed with the client’s existing identity, and at the same time, propel them into a completely different industry space.

Traditionally, electrical equipment could not be used in a flammable or explosive workplace like a mine, chemical factory, or aerosol paint plant, making data capture difficult and inefficient.  Intrinsically safe devices are a new concept, wired in such a way as to eliminate internal arcs.  Because many safety compliance products are completely innovative, this project demanded extensive research into safety compliance mandates in order to provide high-quality content.  By optimizing the site’s content for the client’s most important keyword (class 1 division 1 tablets), the intrinsically safe website hit the first page of Google by the second day of launch, and remains the third search result in Google to date.  Because their site is ranked so highly and contains so much relevant information, Paragon receives a steady supply of leads and is currently the go-to provider of intrinsically safe hardware in America.