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Cutie Bees Web Copy and Content Development

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Project Details

Cutie Bees Web Copy and Content Development

Client: Cutie Bees

Date: September 2012

Project Description

The Cutie Bees web copy and content development project was one of my very first large projects.  Cutie Bees is an organic baby clothes company that began in Twinsburg, Ohio, after the CEO’s first child was born.  The concerned parents noticed that their daughter kept getting painful rashes all over her body.  They quickly realized that their newborn’s sensitive skin was being irritated by her conventional cotton clothing.  Though adorable, her clothes were made with harsh dyes and low-quality materials that made her skin swell and turn red and itchy.  When they switched to organic clothing, the itching stopped- but the family wasn’t pleased by the limited, expensive, and unattractive clothes they had to choose from.  Fed up with the lack of safe and attractive outfits on the market, they formed Cuties Bees, a freshly designed line of 100% organic cotton baby and toddler clothing.

The CEO of Cutie Bees hired me to write over 30 pages of copy for the brand’s new website and social media pages, including mission statements, a synopsis of their story, a bit of research into the conventional cotton industry, and product descriptions.  While it seemed like a straightforward project at first, I quickly realized how difficult it can be to create completely novel web copy to describe clothing for relatively sedentary infants.  There was no falling back on typical descriptions of a pair of shoes that can be worn hiking or a dress that’s just perfect for a family wedding.  To develop the right sort of copy for Cutie Bees, I really had to think outside the box and imagine every scenario I could to present an enticing mental picture to potential customers.  I wanted parents to be able to visualize their children wearing, playing in, and experiencing life in these clothes.

It was really rewarding to help a new company build their brand and see them continue to succeed.  Today, cutiebees.com has changed much of their product line and therefore their copy, but the identity we created together remains strong.