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Over the years, I’ve produced content for many different kinds of clients.  From large corporations to small businesses, international non-profits and even individuals- no matter who I’m designing for, I can count on them all needing a creative solution for their marketing.  But creativity is subjective, isn’t it?  Some people find it hard to justify the expense.  So why, exactly, is it worth every penny to work with an experienced designer?

The simple truth is, design at its core isn’t really about making something look pretty.  Good design and effective communication is achieved when the “why’s” and the “how’s” are considered- why has that product been developed?  How is this website supposed to function?  Does the user interface make sense?  Is the message we’re broadcasting speaking to our target base?  Is our marketing working?

The Value of a Creative Professional

Why Engaging Content is Vital to your Success

You may think making a sale comes down to meeting a customer’s needs and beating a competitor’s price– and if so, stating that information should be more than enough to attract new clients.  If you hire a creative professional to produce additional content, aren’t you wasting your money on unnecessary fluff?

In reality, a successful business can’t just rely on a decent product or price to carry them.  Before they can sell their banking app or organic ice cream, they need to get their product in front of their target audience, and entice that audience to actively identify with their brand.  Thanks to the sheer volume of information out there, you’ll never convince consumers to commit to a sale if they don’t even know your name.  Brand recognition and digital footprint development can only be achieved through content marketing.

Content marketing has a hand in nearly everything you do, from shaping your company’s sales approach, to your branding identity, and even your internal culture.  If your business develops great, engaging content, you can expect to see a drastic increase in lead generation- all at a significantly reduced cost from more tradition methods like direct mail.  With a creative professional at your helm, you can steer your brand towards unique content that is enthusiastically received by your target audience.

Successful content marketing is all about nailing three key concepts: value, relevancy, and consistency.  Valuable content is content that your audience enjoys and responds to, typically because they feel they’ve learned or gained from what you’ve provided them, or because they connect with the ideas you’re presenting to them on a personal level.

Relevant content is work that speaks to the audience’s wants or needs, and answers the question that brought them to your webpage or store.  If you’ve ever wondered why Google will direct you towards certain search results, it’s because that website has crafted an article, video, or other piece of content that addresses your search terms in an intelligent manner.  Relevant content isn’t just expert information that you as a reader are more likely to trust; but content that contains enough accurate information that other readers have decided to trust it too.  The more people view, link to, and reference your content, the more trusted (and therefore, relevant) it becomes.

Finally, the best content must also be consistent.  Consistent content is valuable, relevant work that is pushed out at a reliable pace.  For example, Google will favor sites that are constantly being updated with new information, versus sources with static activity.  Keeping a website active with meaningful content that resonates with your readers is challenging, but rewarding, as brands that embrace these three concepts find that their content marketing has driven consumer action- and therefore, increased their income.

When you hire a creative professional, you’re ensuring that these questions drive the production of your content, which consequently sires a strategic, effective branding platform.  There is a noticeable and significant difference between a logo developed by a reputable designer, and an image thrown together in Word or purchased for five dollars from an offshore website (I’ll give you a hint: those cheap “designs” are usually stolen from other artists or knock-offs of existing logos, and yes, they can get you sued).  An effective design will be custom-created to playfully meld with or intensify a brand’s identity, or perhaps even define that identity altogether.  It’s vital to invest in good content.  If you understand the value that a solid brand identity brings a business, you’ll find many compelling reasons to hire a creative professional.  When it comes down to it, you really can’t afford not to.

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    Professionals are creative and passionate individuals who can bring a fresh eye to your brand and suggest exciting additions to your collateral.

    Whether your brand needs thought-provoking blog pieces, an attention-getting flyer, or an entirely new identity, a creative professional can inject new ideas into your business stream.  When you hire a real professional, you’re not just paying for someone to arrange type or code a webpage.  You’re paying for a carefully-considered plan of action to improve and enliven your marketing pieces.

    A good designer or writer will figure out how to move beyond what “everyone else” does to produce something unique to you.

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    Professionals know how to plan and enforce a project timeline and use the most cost-effective ways to design within a given budget.

    It may sound a bit contrary, but hiring a professional designer or writer will end up saving you money and allow you to invest your energy in running your business.  Studying basic design concepts, researching formatting requirements, and purchasing and learning how to use the design software itself can take years to do right.  Even trained designers will make mistakes until they’ve gained some experience.  Trying to execute a good design that captures attention isn’t easy, and distracts you from running your business.  In the end, it would have been cheaper and less of a time-suck if you had outsourced the work to someone who already knows how to do what you’re asking for.

    An experienced creative professional has a solid handle on the timeframe and resources needed to turn your concept into a finished product.  While every project has its own set of challenges, working with an experienced professional will prevent major delays and unnecessary expenditures.

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    Professionals prevent you from wasting time, money, and effort trying to learn what they already know.

    Clients who design collateral themselves often end up with much more work than they bargained for.  Imagine the headache of having your proof rejected yet again for violating a rule you didn’t know existed.  Or worse- not knowing there would be a major issue with the design until your six foot, thousand-dollar banner has already been made and hung at your event.  Reformatting your design or starting over completely can end up breaking your budget and your patience before you even see a final product.

    Graphic designers know how to conform to the strict requirements of a professional printer or web developer and can create content that performs best for your desired medium.  For example, a printed brochure will need to be designed using certain color values, bleed areas, and height and width limitations.  Digital work may need to be designed in several different dimensions to resize properly on a cell phone or computer.  A professional designer understands these conditions and will deliver content at the proper resolution and file type for your needs, on a timeline that fits your campaign goals.

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    Professionals avoid message ambiguity and possess a talent for honing powerful content.

    When your team can’t decide on the right way to advertise, bringing in a creative professional can save you time, money, and emotional investment in an ineffective campaign.  Many clients have a good idea of what they want to say to their audience, but don’t know how to convey it.  A good content producer can develop materials to enhance and expand your brand’s identity and speak to your customers in a way that resonates with them.

    Instead of fumbling through the creative process and ending up with something mediocre and confusing, invest in collateral you’ll be proud to put your name on.

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    Professionals take the time to learn what makes your business tick to create effective content.

    In order to truly thrive, every business, trade, and person must grow.  Without pushing beyond what’s safe and familiar, you stagnate.  A creative professional will take great pains to make sure their work is evolving along with everything else, so that they can offer their clients real value.

    A professional writer can write about anything, even if the subject personally bores them to tears.  Good writers will take the time to learn about their subject and their intended audience so they can communicate what needs to be said in a way that resonates with the reader.  A professional designer can incorporate difficult concepts into an immersive, simple visual that transcends the boundaries of complicated explanations.

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    Professionals draw on what they’ve learned in the past to motivate them to improve their future work and master new technology.

    Professional designers practice their craft every day.  They keep a growing volume of past projects to help them learn from mistakes and inspire them to keep improving. And as the design industry grows and evolves, they are also constantly adapting their style to embrace new methods of marketing and design.  A good creative professional considers their work against past, present, and future contexts, so that they can deliver effective content.

    Our fast-paced technology and lifestyle demands responsive, forward-thinking to remain competitive.  Your business cannot focus on mastering these demands when you need to fix your attentions on increasing sales, developing innovative products, and keeping customers satisfied.

Businesses need high-impact marketing to leave a lasting impression on customers and survive in the competitive global market space.  Investing in the right kind of collateral makes all the difference.  Deciding to hire a creative professional is a smart way to develop a collection of custom materials that improve your brand’s presence and keep your focus firmly on running your business.  If you would like to get started on your journey to a better brand, drop me a line!  I look forward to getting to know you.