Felice Media is a custom graphic design, SEO, and content marketing brand owned by Bri Ziganti. Felice Media is based in Cleveland, Ohio, but accepts clients from around the world. As a designer, Bri has worked with CEO's, small business owners, non-profits, and individuals looking for a better way to communicate and develop their brand.




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Email: info@felicemedia.com


What's your background in the industry?

I first found my love for writing in grade school, where I competed against other students in statewide short-story competitions.  As a teenager, I began studying design under the talented care of my aunt and uncle, longtime denizens of the industry who remember when “cut and paste” literally meant cut and paste.  I received a degree in Rhetoric & Professional Writing at the University of Cincinnati, and have been working as a designer and copywriter for the past nine years.  Currently, I split my time as a Director of Marketing for a software design firm in Cleveland, and a freelance designer and copywriter for my clients.

Do you accept clients outside of Cleveland?

Of course!  I have worked with clients in many different cities and states.

Why do you think your work stands apart?

Whenever I take on new clients, I take the time to get to know their business and their industry, so that I can craft the right content for their needs.  Why?  A professional writer or designer can write or design just about anything, even if the subject is completely foreign to them.  As long as they spend the effort to understand what needs to be communicated, a good content developer will deliver exceptional work.  Whether you purchase an entire branding package or a simple product description from Felice Media, you receive thoughtful copywriting and graphic design that was heavily researched and honed to fit your business’ personality.

Who's worked with you before?

I get i- it can be difficult to trust a designer with your collateral.  After all, content is what drives your target audience to your business.  How do you know the designer you choose can deliver what you need?  I’ve worked with nearly every type of client you could imagine, from charities to CEO’s to stressed out brides and grooms.  Chances are, I can help you too!  Check out reviews from some of my past clients and see what it’s like to work with me.

What services do you offer?

I offer a large portfolio of creative services to cover the vast majority of marketing needs.  Instead of having to find and vet several different artists or maintenance providers, my clients know they can come to me from the beginning and have everything taken care of in one place.  Whether you’re a couple looking for custom wedding invitations or a small business that doesn’t have the manpower to manage your content, I can help.  Don’t see something listed?  Ask me!

  • creative-content development


    • Whitepapers
    • Web copy
    • Blog posts
    • Newsletters
    • Infographics
    • Product catalogues
  • graphic-design


    • Logos
    • Icons
    • Email blasts
    • Website banners
    • Illustrations
    • Digital ads
    • Invitations
    • Business cards
  • null


    • Dynamic websites
    • Static website
    • Campaign landing pages
    • Social media integration
    • SEO optimization
    • Site maintenance

What does your design process typically look like?

While the design process is naturally going to vary depending upon each project’s and client’s needs, every project will begin consistently with a design consultation.  I’ll ask you about your brand, the history of your company, your competitors, your budget, campaigns you might have done in the past, and most importantly- what you hope to get out of our project together.  Typically, this takes the form of a profile questionnaire, which I will refer to throughout the project to guide me in shaping your collateral.

Once I know the ultimate goal we’re trying to accomplish and the resources we have to work with, I will provide you will a project scope.  This contains a breakdown of what I’ll be creating for you, any materials you need to provide to me (for example, a vector file of your logo), and an estimated timeline.  Unless our project is very small, I usually execute a design in phases, which are identified in the project proposal.  This is so you can review and approve the work as we go, so changes can be made without incurring extra costs or delaying the project.

Am I allowed to make requests in terms of the design?

As a general rule?  Absolutely!  Input from the client is a vital part of the design process.  Before we begin, I will need your thoughts on your business values, the general audience you sell to, an overview of your services, and more.  Whether we are building a website, a brochure, a wedding invitation, or an entirely new identity for your business, the collateral I create will act as the public “face” of your company or event- so it needs to fit your personality!  If you hate the color pink or you feel that mantis shrimps really represent your brand, I want to know!  If you have questions about a certain aspect of the project, I am always happy to answer them.

What about changes?

I always want my clients to connect with my ideas, but I understand that sometimes, a concept just isn’t going to click.  You may have a different vision for your piece than my initial design- and that’s okay!  I always leave room for up to three revisions, so that you have a chance to reassess the design once you have something less abstract to consider.  If a revision is requested, I will ask that you be as specific as possible about the elements you don’t like, so that I can deliver a perfected design.

What if I want to add elements after work has begun?

Changes beyond the initial scope of the project may be requested after the project has begun; however, additional work will require a separate quote and may change the project timeline.  One of the ways I keep your projects on-budget and on-time is by exploring your needs before we begin, and addressing issues or future concerns you might not have considered.  I’m a big believer in the “measure twice, cut once” philosophy!

What costs will I be responsible for?

Costs will always depend upon the type of collateral I’m creating and the length of the project.  You will always receive a design quote for the entirety of my services before our work begins, and if we’re using outside vendors (like hosting providers or professional printers), I’m happy to recommend a few creative professionals I’ve worked with before, or give you a general estimate of third-party expenses.

In basic terms, here’s an idea of what you should expect to budget for depending on collateral type:

  • digital-design


    Elements like logos, icons, and email blasts don’t typically require much in the way of extra production costs.  If you already use an mass-emailing service or you’re just integrating these pieces into your existing website or presentations, most clients won’t have to pay for anything beyond the initial design fee.  Some businesses choose to commission infographics or digital ads that they will run on search engines or social media platforms.  Campaigns like this typically charge a CPC (cost per click) fee.  Clients can choose the maximum amount they want to spend, so that they can remain within a reasonable budget.

  • web-design-01


    Besides the design of a website’s user interface and content, most site owners will have to pay for their domain and hosting space.  Domains are the names under which a site is registered, and the address where a user will access your site.  Registration typically costs $18.00-$30.00 per year and must be renewed to keep the address off the open market.  Your domain name is an important marketing tool and should be heavily considered before you buy.

    A hosting service is another tool you need to keep your website secure and visible to your target audience.  In simple terms, a web host provides your site with space on a computer server that maintains a constant, fast, and secure connection to the internet, typically kept within a larger data center.  There are countless hosting providers to choose from that will fit nearly any budget imaginable.  Packages should be chosen based on your site’s size and average traffic.  I do require that every client use a hosting service- your host will ensure that you always have a recent, off-site backup, access to your site files, better site security, and guaranteed uptime around the globe.  If the unthinkable ever happens and you get hacked or your computer is destroyed, a hosting company is one of the three methods I use to maintain fail-safe measures of data preservation.  The best web hosts will also provide 24/7/365 customer service, so you can reach a tech support representative anytime of day or night.

    Maintenance is the third and final expense outside of the initial design.  Costs will depend heavily on whether your site is static or dynamic.  Dynamic sites update their content frequently, whether that’s changing artwork on the homepage, adding new landing pages, hosting an interactive contact form, publishing blogs, or connecting with social media, and usually need a bit more attention in terms of maintenance.  Dynamic pages often encourage viewer involvement and are regularly crawled by search engine robots, so tighter security is also important.  Static pages are usually very simple and act more as a searchable phone book entry than a true website.  Because dynamic sites are ranked higher than static sites, I tend to recommend dynamic web development to most of my clients.  However, static sites are still useful for businesses who don’t wish to participate in social media and only want to maintain a basic web presence.

  • printed-design-01


    Printed media, and other “touchable” collateral like sign awnings or magnets, will vary in cost depending on the shape, size, and materials being used.  Your standard, everyday business card is probably still the most economical means of printed advertising, while large signs or a cleverly designed magazine ad boast a greater impact per dollar.  Die cut or laser cut cardstock will also increase the price per piece, but depending on the event or campaign, it can be worth the extra expense.  Printed media is highly customizable and still an important part of most businesses’ marketing resources.

Why do I need a site maintenance provider?

Software tends to change even faster than hardware does, which means you can expect to update your site’s software frequently.  Every browser has constantly changing requirements that your site must meet for it to remain visible to users.  Websites that are too out-of-date load slowly, won’t display all its elements, or may even be flagged as “dangerous” and be blocked by browsers- not the right impression you want to give potential customers!  If you aren’t keeping up with updates and bug fixes, your site won’t perform the way you want it to.

Think of your site maintenance provider like the mechanic for your car.  Without performing regular oil changes and attending to that small, irritating noise under the hood, your vehicle will eventually develop a major issue that’s expensive to repair.  And in the meantime?  You’re stuck on the side of the road.  Just like your car, your website will eventually break down if it’s not cared for properly, and become a liability instead of driving in more business.  I offer my clients the peace-of-mind that their site will conform to Google’s SEO and software performance standards, so that you can focus on building revenue.

Will you provide my site content?

Yes!  I love to write, and my clients love the convenience of completing their entire website with one designer.  I have an extensive background in written communication as well as a degree in rhetoric and professional writing, so you can feel confident that your content will flow naturally and deliver the right message.

Will my site be search engine optimized? How do you integrate SEO?

I’m well-versed in the latest SEO best practices, so your content will always be optimized to pull in the right audience.  If you have an existing website, I’ll run a basic SEO audit report so we can see where you rank compared to your competitors, what content is performing well, and what needs to be changed.  I’ll work with you to determine the best keywords for your business to improve your site ranking.  Even if you prefer to provide your own content, I will review your verbiage and suggest necessary additions to improve SEO.


So glad you asked!  I have all my clients brief me on their specific needs by filling out a short questionnaire.  If you’re ready to begin planning, please answer as many of the questions as you can.  Still not sure what you’re looking for?  That’s okay too!  Please shoot me a quick email describing your vision and I’ll be happy to walk you through your options.