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Leveraging the Six Stages of the Buying Cycle

Understanding the consumer buying process to improve your marketing funnel


what are the six stages of the buying cycle? click to enlarge and learn more

What is the Buying Cycle? Why Does it Matter?

Every experienced marketer knows that the buyer’s cycle is far more complicated than it ever used to be.  Nowadays, you can’t just cold call a lead and expect to process their order that same day. With the internet providing a vast wealth of options, information, and competition, the average consumer is both more distracted and more well-informed than ever before. Making a sale requires dedication to forging relationships with your prospects and acting as a touch point throughout the buying cycle.

To get a lead to commit to a purchase, you need to be able to cut through the noise and guide them through your marketing funnel. Take a look at the infographic below to see the six stages of the buying cycle, or click here to find out how to leverage them to improve your ROI.

The Six Stages of the Buying Cycle:
  1. Attract: understand the need that triggers your customer to buy and relate your product or business to that need
  2. Capture: entice leads to give you their contact information
  3. Nurture: Build relationships with your prospects by providing further information that directly addresses their needs
  4. Educate: elaborate on your product, providing in-depth details that teach them about what they’re purchasing and how it directly affects people like them
  5. Convert: make the sale
  6. Expand: market to your current clients to improve your relationship and open opportunities for new sales

 The Big Picture:

Leveraging the six stages of the buying cycle properly requires patience, dedication, and adaptability.  If you want to be successful, you need to invest in quality content that properly attracts, nurtures, and educates consumers, convincing them that you are a trusted source of knowledge whose product can address their exact needs.  Converting a lead to a happy customer who will not only continue to purchase your product, but will act as a brand advocate to their circle of influence, will drastically increase your ROI per lead and ensure you have optimized your marketing process.

Commission your own Custom Infographic:

Liked my infographic?  Want one of your own?  I can illustrate and even research a customized infographic for your brand or business.  Contact me and tell me about your project idea.

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