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how to protect your ecommerce customer credit card data

How to Protect Your Ecommerce Customer Credit Card Data

  How to Protect Your Ecommerce Customer Credit Card Data The basics of implementing an SSL Certificate and good data protection practices With the average cost of online purchases trending at about 20-40% lower than in-store purchases, investing in ecommerce allows small businesses to grow with less start-up capital. There’s no question that the ability to accept online purchases is important to many website owners. But how can a merchant, particularly a small business owner with fewer resources than a larger company, balance opportunity


What Happens When you Don’t Update your Site

  What Happens when you Don’t Update your Site? Five reasons why consistent website maintenance is important Keeping your website in good working condition is imperative.  What happens when you don’t update your site?  Failing to perform routine maintenance or forgetting to add to your content will make your website less effective, and can actually hurt your image and your bottom line in the long run. Why?  Websites are no longer static entities.  As new technologies emerge and are quickly adopted by consumers, the

the importance of domain names by bri ziganti of felice media

The Importance of Domain Names

  The Importance of Domain Names The essential marketing piece your business may be missing The importance of domain names in terms of marketing power, SEO best practices, and brand recognition cannot be overstated…..but why?  What real-world value does a domain name offer your business?  Can’t a free domain name get the job done just as well? I was asked this question recently by two new clients, both in vastly different types of businesses, but with one thing in common– they were using free

explore 3D printing: a blog post by bri ziganti

The Architecture of New Design: Explore 3D Printing with Ryan Scavnicky

  The Architecture of New Design: Explore 3D Printing with Ryan Scavnicky   During the past twenty years, 3D printing has evolved from a labor-intensive process with little practical use to a thriving, sustainable industry of its own.  Some believe that 3D printing has ushered in a sort of third industrial revolution, where the average citizen will be empowered to create their own energy and manufacture their own goods.  Others recognize 3D printing as a powerful tool to test two dimensional designs

what can 3D printing do for me: an educational infographic by felice media

What can 3D Do for Me?

  WHAT CAN 3D DO FOR ME? 3D printing, or “additive manufacturing,” is the process of creating three dimensional solid objects from a digital file plan.  Instead of just paper and ink, these objects can be printed using a variety of materials, including glass, plastics, food, and even living human tissue.  Over the past 20 years, 3D printing has morphed from an impractical concept to a powerful tool that can test a 2 dimensional design in a 3 dimensional form,